Reliable CNC plastic materials for any use

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DescriptionTechnologyUnique PropertyPricing
ABSHigh-strength and durability, good heat-resistance, 3D printing and CNC milling, diverse applications CNC50" x 20" x 20"
AcrylicUV and weather-resistant, high accuracy and repeatability, aesthetic finish, high-strength and durability CNC50" x 20" x 20"
Composite Excellent electrical insulation, high-strength and durability, chemical resistant, water resistant CNC50" x 20" x 20"
Nylon High strength and durability, high-accuracy and repeatability, aesthetic finish, diverse applications CNC50" x 20" x 20"
PEEK High strength and durability, metal alternative, moisture-resistant, long-lasting polymer CNC50" x 20" x 20"
Polycarbonate High-accuracy and repeatability, transparent and aesthetic finish, weather-resistant, excellent mechanical properties CNC50" x 20" x 20"
Polypropylene High-strength and durability, heat and chemical resistance, excellent accuracy and repeatability, economical option CNC50" x 20" x 20"
POMHigh-strength and durability, excellent dimensional accuracy, long-lasting and wear-resistant, good machinability CNC50" x 20" x 20"
PTFE (Teflon)Heat and chemical resistance, great insulator, smooth and durable surface, high accuracy and repeatabilityCNC50" x 20" x 20"
UHMWHigh-strength and durability, smooth surface, wear-resistant and long-lasting, chemical resistance CNC50" x 20" x 20"