Bespoke Manufacturing

Custom manufacturing with 3D printing

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  • Custom end-to-end collaboration with our team of experts
  • New product and design enablement
  • Physical manufacturing automation with digital tools
  • Quick and reliable production

Experience working with a true, custom manufacturing partner

A service to realize the full potential of 3D printing. Meant to maintain quality, provide mass customization, create a flexible production system and reduce costs.


Realize your vision with Bespoke Manufacturing

Mass customization

A production journey, built for you. Bespoke Manufacturing enables mass customization, elevated design opportunities and better products with our digital tools.

Cost flexibility

Bespoke Manufacturing provides flexibility without the added cost of traditional manufacturing. Save money and benefit from an adaptable manufacturing system that enables new design iterations for your product.

End-to-end solutions

From concept to market, we resolve the complications of manufacturing, so you can focus on your product. Working with our experts, we help optimize your manufacturing journey with 3D printing solutions to achieve cost flexibility and product at an unprecedented speed.

Latest technology

Access the latest technology without the investment. Incorporate 3D printing into your production journey without the added cost and risk of bringing the newest tech in-house.

We appreciate Forecast 3D and their forward-thinking approach to manufacturing. It’s why we decided to work with them

Erik Baker
  • Time Savings
  • Cost-Efficient Customisation
  • Commercialization

3D printing technologies

Diverse technology options for any project

  • Direct Metal Laser Sintering

    DMLS is a metal 3D printing process. This technology creates durable, complex, and detailed parts with design freedom unmatched by traditional metal manufacturing methods.

  • Fused Deposition Modeling

    FDM is a plastic 3D printing process. This technology creates high-performance, flexible, strong parts with cost benefits ideal for quick prototyping.

  • Multi Jet Fusion

    MJF is HP’s polymer 3D printing process. This technology creates detailed, durable, and flexible parts with quick results for prototyping and production.

  • Polyjet

    Polyjet is a color 3D printing process. This technology quickly creates smooth, precise parts with detailed aesthetics to create attractive models and prototypes.

  • Stereolitography

    Stereolithography is one of the original 3D printing processes. This technology creates accurate, detailed, high-resolution parts for rapid prototyping and production uses.


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